10 Quick Tips for a Successful Interview

10 Quick Tips for a Successful Interview

Article by MyBackgroundCheck.com

Landing a job interview in today’s economy is a feat in itself. You may be one of only a handful of applicants, or you may be competing against hundreds for the position. What can you do to increase the chances of being selected? Your preparation, dress, and your attitude are all integral to impressing the interviewer and winning the job.

The more you prepare for your interview, the more likely it is that you will land the job! Remember these tips in your next interview.

Be a good listener–demonstrate a genuine interest in what the interviewer has to say. Try not to interrupt by interjecting a comment while someone else is speaking (even if you’re afraid you might forget the point you want to make).Focus on the positive–when discussing your work history, talk about the things that have inspired you and that you have truly enjoyed. A candidate with a positive outlook is more likely to be considered than one who makes self-deprecating comments.Turn off your cell phone–you don’t want your phone to ring, beep or burst into song during your interview! Achieving SuccessAsk questions–show your interest by asking intelligent questions about the position and the company. After all, this is your best opportunity to learn about the job in question.Don’t smoke before your interview–if you’re a smoker, try to refrain from smoking beforehand–even breath mints can’t disguise the scent of cigarette smoke.Don’t say negative things about previous employers–resist the temptation to trash your former boss. Complaining can cast a negative shadow on your entire interview!Don’t chew gum–opt for breath mints so that you don’t forget to spit out your gum before the interview begins.Rehearse with a friend–practicing your interview skills beforehand will help you to feel more confident!Sit up straight–pay attention to your body language, and try not to slouch!Take your time–your interview is not a race. Many people speak quickly during an interview because they are nervous. Try to relax and to speak the way you normally would!

By paying careful attention to your preparation and dress, you’re showing the interviewer that you take their offer seriously. Keeping your attitude in check and approaching the interview as an opportunity rather than a grueling test will allow you to put your best foot forward. No matter the outcome, following these three principles will eventually land you that dream job.

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