Tips for Successful Job Interviews

Tips for Successful Job Interviews

Article by perfman HR

After all your hard work, an employer now wants to meet you about an available job. You should take full advantage of this opportunity. Employers rarely hire people before first meeting them. The résumé and cover letter you sent to the employer have opened the door for you. The employer already has an impression of you, your work experience, your employability, and more. The interview is your opportunity to convince the employer that you are the right person for the job and have something valuable to offer.Before the interview

Being well prepared for each interview will make you feel more at ease with the employer. If you are unprepared, your chances of being selected for a job are low.

1. You should know about-

* The job being offered: the duties, responsibilities, and requirements

* The employer: the company’s services, products, and organization

* The person who will interview you, if possible

2. You should be prepared to answer the following questions:

* What kind of work experience do you have?* What kind of training do you have? Education?* Why did you leave your previous jobs?* Why do you want to work for our company?* What do you know about our company?* What are your strengths? Your weaknesses?* Can you work under pressure?* Are you willing to travel? Are you available for overtime work?* Why should we hire you rather than someone else?* What kind of salary do you have in mind?* Tell us about yourself.* Do you have any questions or anything to add?

3. You should prepare some questions to ask the employer:





4. You should make the following preparations beforehand:

* Note the date, time, and address of your interview.* Bring your résumé, an application form, and copies of your diplomas to the interview.* Plan on wearing something neat and simple that fits the company’s dress code.* Find someone to look after your children.* Determine how you will get to the interview.* Make sure you’re in top form the day of the interview.

Perfman HR – Job Interview Perfman HR – Job Interview

At the interview

* Arrive early.* Be enthusiastic.* Be polite to everyone you meet.* Remain focused so that you can be at your best.* Do not criticize former employers.* Listen to questions carefully and, if necessary, ask the employer to repeat themor to be more specific.* Take the time to think about your answers before giving them.* Make eye contact when you speak.* Remain calm, try to control your nervousness, and demonstrate self-confidence.* Try to give positive answers by stressing your strengths and skills.* Answer questions as honestly as possible.After the interview

For better interviews in the future, take the time to consider the strong and weak points of each interview.

* What were the strong points of the interview?* Did you have trouble answering any questions?* Did you forget to say anything during the interview?* Which answers could make the employer decide against hiring you?* What kind of impression did you make on the employer? On the other people you met?

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